onsdag 21 januari 2009

Obama tankar - Obama thoughts

Många bloggare har på något sätt kommenterat det som hänt/händer i USA.

Mitt inlägg i debatten, blir att dela med mig av vad min vän i USA skrev till mig på valdagen 4 november 2008.

Jag blev rörd och berörd av vad han skrev.


Hopefully the elections are going well.

Nationally we are experiencing record numbers of people showing up at the polls. There are currently huge lines in every major city. In the area I live we have mail in ballots.

The morning paper said they had already received 58.6% of them as of yesterday.

This is a record.

Personally I am praying that Obama will be elected. I am not comfortable with McCain and Palin. I fear we will just experience more of the same horrible policy we have endured the past eight years.

The US is in the worst mess I have ever seen. People from other countries hate us, we are occupying a country we shouldn’t be in, economically we have destroyed ourselves out of greed, and we’re a major contributor in global warming. We need new leadership and we needed it four years ago. What’s interesting is that most people feel the same way I do. Unfortunately, in the past, people in this country have guided their vote on emotional and/or personal opinions such as abortion, gun control, and gay marriage, instead of looking at the big picture. You could see the mess we’re in right now four years ago but people voted Bush back in. Hopefully we will have some light at the end of the tunnel tonight.

As member of the human race, please accept my apology for anything stupid or negative my country has done to negatively affect your country.
The text above is written by my friend in USA on the electionday 4th of November 2008.

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