måndag 13 juli 2009

Sightseeing with Kim and Chris

This post will be in english.
This weekend we had guests from Australia(Warwick)/Stockholm.
Kim and his mother Chris came over for one night stay.
I made a scedule to see as much as possible and to show off the things I think is of value, when you come here, all the way from Australia.
At first their train from Stockholm was delayed over one hour.
We went to Björke Vävstuga where Chris bought some tablecloths to herself and her mother.
I´m glad that she liked the place.
Then we went to Löfstad slott, unfortunatly they didn´t have any guiding in english, so Kim had to translate for his mother.
At that time we started to get hungry, so we went to our house and had coffee and some sanwiches. Chris thought our coffee is strong, because in Australia they drink mostly instantcoffee.
In the early evening we went for a walk around Motala Ström...

This sign tells us that this building was drawn by Architect Ivar Tengbom, the founder of Tengbom, where Kim works.
We hadn´t reached the car, when the rain came, so we got wet.

In the evening we had a swedish barbecue, and had strawberries and wild strawberries for dessert.
After a good nights sleep, my mother came over and we went to Rejmyre to look att glassblowing.

Chris bought a glass bowl on foot.
Straight from Rejmyre to Söderköping to look at the lock (sluss)at Göta Kanal and the little city.
The sun came through the clouds and Kim bought us ice-cream

Cute duck!

We walked around the citycentre and the rain came at the same second we reached the car.
On the way to our house we drove my mom to work.
After packing their things, we drop off Kim and Chris at the station, where they took the train to Oslo.
When I came home I saw that Chris left the bowl from Rejmyre for us to bring to the new house.
She is too kind.
It was a lovely but too short time we had Kim and Chris here.
Next time I want them to stay longer and bring the rest of the family.
I want to show them more, like Arkösund and the archipelago, Marmorbruket and Vadstena.

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