tisdag 28 juli 2009

Sproost! - Take a quiz!

In february I made a Sproost quiz, and the result were 50/50 Rustic Revival and Cottage Chic.
It felt almost right.
I have now made a new Sproost quiz.
My result now is 67% Zen Style and 33% Rustic Revival.
It feels correct.

Zen Style

Goodbye clutter, hello clean! However in Zen Style, unlike some other contemporary design, the consistent level of natural materials keep the spaces from feeling cold and sterile. Zen Style has a nice mix of rustic with chic so that there is an incredible level of ease and sophistication about the space. Plants and greenery are very important in helping achieve the warm and natural feel of the space. When at all possible, natural lighting is used in spaces to help create the openness in the space.


Natural materials with their calming effects, are very prominent. Indoor water features, natural tatami or sea grass floor coverings are often used on top of wood or natural stone flooring. Bamboo is very popular in its living and dried form, as are dark hardwoods. Floral arrangements are very common and orchids and bonsais are very popular for their simplicity and beauty. With Zen Style, you will often see very clean lined furniture paired with rustic and sometimes ornate antiques (or replicas). However, the key is minimalism so the more ornate pieces are tempered by the lack of nearby items.


When it comes to color, subtle is key. Shades of gray, brown, green and white are common because of their simplicity and calming nature. Color, or lack there of, is intended to highlight the openness of the space and simplicity of the design. Very often you see light fabric and upholstery paired next to dark hardwoods, and this subtle contrast is enough to provide interest while still remaining subtle.

Space Planning

When it comes to furniture arranging, less is more. And a lot less is even that much more! Think minimal and avoid clutter at all cost. Furniture pieces are usually clean-lined and many times are low to the ground. Intimate spaces are created with furniture groupings as well as carefully placed floor mats and area rugs. You will often see floor cushions for additional or even the main seating.

You can test what your style is here.

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